Sunday, August 13, 2006


I am so unbelievably pissed, it's unreal.

The stupid thing, I'm pissed that Apple has made me out to be a fool.

Bratworse bought a MacBook Pro when they first came out. Sure enough, she was happy as a lark until, our wireless started dropping it... but not only was it dropping it, the wireless was dropping the PC (Gateway) too. Just my trusty little iBook G4 kept trudging.

And then one morning, she woke up to the apple symbol with a big red circle and slash through it. We brought it in the Mac Store. Ah, but the hard drive is still there, just reload the system says the tech. So we did that; as a result, it started running slowly. And a few weeks later, there was a clicking sound from the left side of the laptop. And a blank screen.

Bratworse is LIVID! She's thinking (rightly so, given this experience) what, I gave up PCs for this?

And me? I'm the one who recommended this piece of shite. How the hell do you think I feel?

I have been a loyal Mac customer since Mac Plus days. I've owned a Mac Plus, an SE (had an external hard drive), an LC, a Power Computing PowerPC, an iMac (Lime Green) and now am so happy with my little iBook G4.

This is the thanks I get for convincing a PC user to a Mac?

We take the computer into the Apple store, and they tell us 10-12 days because the hard drive died. Today is the 14th day. And is it close to being done? No. Applecare tells her it'll be another week. She and I fight (because I'M STUPIDLY DEFENDING APPLE and I'm taking it personally that this beautiful piece of equipment that I would give an eye and my left breast for, Bratworse is calling a piece of shite).

So I get in the car, and drive over to Apple, and give them a piece of my mind. Colin, the tech guy, is trying to be reasonable with me, but I'm seeing red. How dare Apple make me look like a fool! After DECADES of loyal service as well as ACTIVELY pushing the Mac platform on PC users, they are doing this?

We don't have a promise of tomorrow. We only have a promise that her machine will be the next one worked on. Hopefully we will get it back tomorrow.

When we get that MacBook Pro back, I've got to give up this little baby here to Bratworse. Hope she will enjoy it as much as I loved using it. And hopefully the MacBook Pro will hold up. Because I am NOT a gentle user. This poor little iBook has keys askew, the lid askew and various other little things cause I've kicked it, dropped it and other stuff.

We shall see. In the meantime, I will be putting up this post every day (duplicates) until Apple calls up Bratworse, apologizes to Bratworse for her experience, and gives her something to make all of this awful experience better.

Oh, the OTHER thing she's pissed of at Apple about? We paid $2500 for the MacBook Pro, and it didn't come with a word processing program. Never mind that it came with Garage Band and all this other multi-media programs that she'd have to pay HUNDREDS of dollars for on the PC platform. She's pissed cause she had to dish out $125 for a word processing program. Of all things to leave out, to leave out a WORD-PROCESSING program was a really dumb move, Apple.