Thursday, August 18, 2005


Sports talk... well, okay... mostly football talk... well alright! I'll admit it! It's 90% Raider talk! Sheesh. Like there's any other football team worth writing about:

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Reviews! Getcha red-hot reviews here!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Here are all of our posts on politics and all that b.s.: (Greyed out ones are time-relevant so unless you want to see what the heat of the moment arguments, don't bother)
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And Those Twins!2004/09/17r.i.
Answers, Please2004/09/23r.i.
Are You Calling Me a Liar?2005/01/18r.i.
As Pols Spin2004/09/07r.i.
Being Right Brings No Joy2005/05/11r.i.
Bush's Stinginess2004/12/30r.i.
Celebration of Mediocrity2005/01/20r.i.
Charlatans and How to Catch 'Em2005/05/10r.i.
A Cheap and Tawdry Trick2004/10/14r.i.
CNN's Offbeat Pictures2005/05/27r.i.
Confusion in Perspectives2005/04/20r.i.
Debt Society2005/03/08r.i.
The Death of My Father2005//03/30r.i.
Defining Blogging - Journalism?2005/03/04r.i.
Division, Subtraction Just Doesn't Add Up2004/08/10r.i.
Enough! I Want My Money Back!2005/03/23r.i.
Enough With the Snark!2005/02/09r.i.
Equal Opportunity2005/02/23r.i.
First Impressions of the Presidential Debate2004/09/30r.i.
Flip-Flopping Away2004/09/01r.i.
A Football Metaphor2004/09/22r.i.
For Those of You Still Thinking about Privatizing Social Security...2005/05/19r.i.
[Forgot to title this]2005/02/18r.i.
The G.I. Jane of Journalists2005/04/13r.i.
Govenator or Governator2004/09/15r.i.
Happy 1st Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/02r.i.
Happy 2nd Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/03r.i.
Happy 3rd Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/04r.i.
Happy 4th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/05r.i.
Happy 7th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/08r.i.
Happy 8th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/09r.i.
Happy 9th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/10r.i.
Happy 10th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/11r.i.
Happy 11th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/12r.i.
Happy 14th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/15r.i.
Happy 15th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/16r.i.
Happy 16th Day of Vacation, George aka Precedent Setting President2005/08/17r.i.
Happy 17th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/18r.i.
Happy 18th Day of Vacation, George!2005/08/19r.i.
Hawaii to the Forefront2004/08/26r.i.
How's the View from Up Here? Cynical, Thank You Very Much2004/10/07r.i.
How Texas Supports Troops2005/08/18r.i.
Hmm... Could it Be?2005/03/31r.i.
I am Gay But Not a Hooker2005/02/25r.i.
Idealism by Another Name2004/08/05r.i.
If You See CIA Heading Your Way2004/09/10r.i.
I Love It 32005/03/10r.i.
I'm Still Trying to Wrap My Head Around What Happened...2004/11/03r.i.
Is It My Imagination or?2005/02/02r.i.
It's Sad2004/11/12r.i.
It's So Great to be an American2005/02/16r.i.
It's time to Play2005/02/16r.i.
Its What We're Doing, Not What We Are2004/11/23r.i.
It Wasn't About Values2005/01/19r.i.
Job Searching2005/07/28bw
Kicking a Gift Horse in the Mouth2005/05/26r.i.
Kindness - Bwahahahaha2005/03/17r.i.
Left Behind2005/07/13r.i.
Lesson to Andy Card2005/07/26r.i.
Liberal Pansies2004/12/09r.i.
Meetings with Secret Service2005/03/30r.i.
Mind Tricks of the Familial Kind2005/06/21r.i.
Month Long Vacation2005/07/21r.i.
Name Dropping Inanity2004/08/31r.i.
No Need to Shout2004/09/16r.i.
Not Pressure, Indignation!2004/08/27r.i.
One Thin Wafer2005/05/17r.i.
Phantom Accounts2005/05/03r.i.
Playing Right into Their Hands2005/05/03r.i.
Playing Telephone - A Demonstration by the Press2004/08/26r.i.
Poll I'd Really Like to See2004/08/18r.i.
Poor, No Insurance, Out of Work, But Don't Let Those Gays Marry2004/10/29r.i.
Powell and Rove2005/07/08r.i.
Princeton Principles2005/04/28r.i.
Private Accounts in Easy Words2005/03/08r.i.
Prove It to Me2005/08/02r.i.
Punching Back2004/09/16r.i.
Quick Impressions2004/08/24r.i.
Reading Live Talk with Dan Froomkin2005/03/09r.i.
Reality Meet Distortion2005/03/01r.i.
Recycling Puzzlements2005/01/14r.i.
Repartee & Witticisms2004/08/24r.i.
Responsible but Not Culpable2004/08/25r.i.
Rumsfeld's Responses - Good Enough For Congress & Public...2005/02/17r.i.
Shooting Oneself in the Foot2005/08/19r.i.
Signs of the Times2004/09/27r.i.
Social Security Magic2004/12/07r.i.
The Stupidity of Pundits2004/10/08r.i.
Suggestion for Garrett2005/03/02r.i.
Thank You Chris Bowers2005/02/10r.i.
There's a Reason...2004/09/01r.i.
Torture and the American People2005/04/05r.i.
Torture and Dick Durbin2005/06/23r.i.
Two Excellent Posts2004/11/30r.i.
Under Threat2004/10/14r.i.
Unintentional Funny2005/08/12r.i.
Urbanite v. Ruralist2004/11/15r.i.
War's Coming, Get Ready for Gay Bashing2004/11/08r.i.
What It Says About Us2005/01/17r.i.
What? No Royal We?2004/09/21r.i.
What Should be Taught in Journalism2005/03/09r.i.
When to Come in Out of the Rain2005/07/06r.i.
White House Press Corp = Pro Bowl?2005/03/14r.i.
Who Benefits2004/12/22r.i.
Why Watch it?2004/09/27r.i.


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I decided to post all of Cholotto's filing system here.

bwahahahahaha's posted here, because sometimes, a braying guffaw says it all.

Ms. Cell Annie

I decided to post Cholotto's filing system here.

Here are all of our posts on Ms. Cell Annie:

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