Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Division, subtraction just don't add up

I got into an argument with someone over Edward's speech about two Americas. That person said, to claim that America is divided, is divisive itself.

This person came from Thailand, was poor when she came over with her family... and through hard work, that family managed to become middle class. "See!" she claimed, "The American dream still works!"

I still hold that there are two Americas: And here's a good explanation of what I mean - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A52954-2004Aug9.html. In order to have a higher standard of living, a family must be two-incomed. One income cannot suffice. And for that two-incomed family, any crisis that hits, will send that family reeling.

Every month for the past two years, something in my life requires me to go off budget. A broken tooth, a car accident, broken furniture... something. AND, to replace it, wasn't mere dollars and cents. It was at least 3 figures.

I remember during the 80's watching Comic Relief, wondering how all those people got homeless. Apparently, it's easier than one suspects. Consolidate all your bills into a secured debt that puts your house on the line. Fall behind cause you lost your job. Get a new job that pays less. you pay 70 cents on the dollar, hoping to catch up one day but each month passes with a new emergency... before you know it, a year has passed and NOW you're 4 months behind cause you weren't able to catch up. Your house goes into foreclosure.

Let's see any politician with *this* problem... or a Halliburton exec... or hell even an Enron exec. Sure, those guys are going to jail now... but I BET you anything, when they come out of jail, the house they go to... will still be able to fit my condo into their swimming pool.

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