Wednesday, February 09, 2005

ENOUGH with the Snark!!!!

Damnit you all.... enough with the snark!

All day, I've been reading about the Gannon/Guckert shit... and here's what I hear from the blogosphere. "We did it!" "Let's give them some of their own medicine!" "Let's hear it for the Blogosphere!" It's so much that me, ONE OF YOU is getting ready to tune out.

Look, this wasn't about Gannon. This wasn't about whether he has a gay site on the side. Yes, I'm sickened by his hypocrisy as well, BUT KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL FOLKS.

This is about US! This is about propaganda! This is about Lies. This is about the american public getting bamboozled yet again, not by Gannon, WHO IS SMALL FRY! This is about Scott McClellan running to Gannon OVER AND OVER AGAIN WHICH EITHER MEANS Scott knows a good thing when he sees one OR THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION WAS IN ON IT.

ALSO, Dan Froomkin of the WaPo HAS BEEN TRYING TO GET SOMEONE TO WORK ON THIS FOR A YEAR NOW! He's asked SEVERAL times who the hell this Jeff Gannon was who is getting these softball question. YET NOW, you're getting to it. So pat yourself on the backs folks, and just think, if this story had broken when Dan Froomkin first wrote about it, MAYBE WE WOULDN'T BE LOOKING AT IRAN AS POSSIBLE ARTILLERY FODDER RIGHT NOW!.

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