Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thank you Chris Bowers

I really should update the links on the side. I read so many blogs now but I haven't added to my list at all and some of those I've listed, I'm not reading as frequently anymore.

There's an article in by Chris Bowers that I heartily and fully agree with. America is changing... and what it's changing into is NOT a pretty sight.

The problem with the changes that are happening isn't that it's the government forcing them on us. It's us. It's us taking their changes, grinning about it and yelling "Thank you Sir, May I have another?"

There's a part of me that wants to run. It's like watching people self-destruct. You want to help, you really want to, but until they want your help, anything you offer will be tossed aside. America is self-destructing and it's doing it with the help and complicity of the American people. I've been here before, trying to help alcoholics and crystal meth users. I just end up feeling frustrated, helpless and angry. And that's what's happening to me now about my feelings here.

I've already discussed this with my other. We're starting to look at other countries as possibilities. When someone is hell-bent on self-destructing, all you can do is move yourself out of the way and hope none of the carnage falls on you.

I worry for my nephews and nieces, since they will be growing up here, listening to all the white noise and not being able to distinguish what is for the common good and what is beneficial towards one specific group of people.

Remember that old thing about the nazis... that old poem about when they came for this one, I figured it's none of my business.... and then they came for me.

Just remember this, Americans. Think of this formula.

  • White House is making things easier for corporations to thrive.
  • Mergers are occurring weekly which is a result corporate evolution - the strongest, most adaptable wins.
  • Corporations are bound to no ONE COUNTRY.
  • America owes money to China and Egypt. A LOT OF MONEY.
  • When China and Egypt comes to collect and there is NOTHING in our accounts cause we gave it freely to corporations (either through schemes like personal/private accounts or through corporate welfare or through consumerism), think the corporations are going to say, "sure, U.S. of A. You've been so good and kind to us over the years, here's a few trillion dollars to get you out of debt." Nope, they're going to go to another sucker country and try the same. It's called rotating crops folks. You use one field up, go to another, and dry up that. When that one is dried up, you can go back to the first field.
  • Meanwhile our government makes us feel better about ourselves by pointing out, we're so much better than those guys over there, why don't we go over their, kick their asses so we can show them a better way of life?" (WHICH is directly against Jesus' teachings)
  • Therefore: the American public is getting screwed, is being set up to get screwed and at the same time asking to get screwed.

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