Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Anger and writing

Strange. I only want to broadcast my thoughts to the world when I'm pissed. (and usually at the Administration) - wonder why?

Here are a few things I'd like to write about here over the next few months - Cultures, indulgings, role-playing (& buying into systems), gaming, fads, etc.

Speaking of fads - we bought ourselves (my partner and I) Palm Tungstens E. (Hers and hers?) I wish to record how I'm using the palm... as a way to ensure that our $200 ea. (approx. after the software we downloaded, the new cases, etc.) doesn't go to waste.

PTE report: no usage today. Forgot it at home cause I overslept. However, I *really* should put my own banking stuff on there.

I have to look on this website's terms of service. Will I be able to keep any of the rights if I publish my ruminations here? God, intellectual property laws are so filled with landmines now due to the internet.

How should I end blogs? Should I have a regular saying like I did with my journals? Or should I just end it.... decisions. *sighs*

Optimists see that the glass if half-full.
Pessimists see it as half-empty.
Idealists see the potential to keep the glass full,
as well as the potential for equitable distribution.

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