Thursday, August 12, 2004

Who's behind this?

My partner, who's fairly young, was lamenting the fact that two weeks ago, while she was in Hong Kong and Taipei on business, she could toss back a few sakes with no legal ramifications. Yet next week, in New York it would be illegal for her to do so. (Her 21st birthday is coming up before the end of the year).

She im's me.... Why??? Why can I die for my country, vote to see which sleazebag gets to send us off to war but not toss one back? (Okay, okay! I threw in the political commentary but you get the gist).

As usual, I start to toss off a glib response to her... but as I started to type it out, it seemed there was truth to my response....

hey... the government doesn't care if you give up your life for the country. What it does care is the insurance people getting pissed off at the government for having to pony up and pay for damage done while drunk

My logic went like this: see, if the government allows you to drink, and you drive & crash, guess what, the insurance people will have to pay. HOWEVER, if it's against the laws, then wow, hey, the insurance people can say you broke the law, we're not liable.

Makes sense, eh? Okay, all together now, everyone sing out "I hate Insurance Companies!"

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PTE Report: Using Thoughtmanager, I created a list of questions to ask different folk. You know how you always think, "Ah, I should ask her this"... Now I'll be able - if I remember to look at that program when with that person.
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Okay help out here - this is waaaaaaaaay too long:
Optimists see that the glass if half-full. Pessimists see it as half-empty. Idealists see the potential to keep the glass full, as well as the potential for equitable distribution.

Optimists = half-full
Pessimists = half-empty
Idealists = half-baked?


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