Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's so great to be an American

Man, where else in the world can you, for $17.50, throw up a website proclaiming "news", then for $50 and ONLY 2 days of your life, get credentials as a journalist and ... and... here's the icing dude, get to ask the President questions!

I feel like someone should do a Ginsu Knife endorsement too. And for no extra charge, we'll throw in this extra daily press pass, free!

I wonder how large that press room in the White House is. And I wonder how many people have figured out that if Gannon/Guckert could do it, so could they. I mean, what a wonderful image for the world to see... just like those ink-stained fingers. A press room full of new journalists eager to pose their question to the President's own Press Secretary. AND if you tivo it, (which I'm sure Gannon/Guckert does) perhaps see yourself on c-span or something like that. I mean, you don't even have to buy your own video camera. The TV stations will provide that for you.

God, is America wonderful or what?

BTW good news for all you wannabe Gannon/Guckerts. The White House and Correspondents had an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss whether or not tighter security should apply to them and guess what? They decided no changes needed to be made. So all of you wannabe's. Go get your credentials, go buy a website name, hire someone (after all, you should do your bit to keep the economy going) to make your website and if you REALLY want to hit the big time, have this guy throw up a porn site for you as well. It's only a few hundred dollars more but the publicity, you just can't buy. Then, rush over and put your REAL name in with the White House. But feel free to publish your articles under such monikers as "Bulldog" or something like that. Make sure it's a real manly name too like Gannon. or J.D. That way, they won't look too closely.

Such a great country.

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