Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Enough! I want my money back!

It's time for a new law. A law that protects taxpayers from shenanigans like this.. and I want Congress and the President to foot the bill.

I want to sue them personally for WASTING OUR MONEY! $34,000 just to fly Bush back to Washington to sign this bill? When he couldn't get up off his duff to pledge measley amounts to thousands of victims?

How much did all those congressmen spend just to fly back for this emergency bill? WHAT EMERGENCY? THE WOMAN HAS BEEN LIKE THAT FOR 15 YEARS. 15 YEARS DO NOT CONSTITUTE EMERGENCY!

I want the money returned and armor bought for our soldiers. Cough up DeLay. Cough up Rove! Cough up Bush! REFUND OUR MONEY YOU FUCKING MANIPULATIVE ASSES!

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