Monday, March 21, 2005

Playing right into their hands...

which is what I'm doing by writing about Terri Schiavo.

I'm actually writing about the blogs that are writing about Congress's actions about Schiavo. All four of the major liberal blogs I read, have written about this travesty that's going on in Congress and the WH... George Bush cutting short a vacation *gasp* Just make sure we're not falling for the sleight of hand too, okay?

The noise machine is going on about this travesty... and hoping we're ignoring the others. Let them hang themselves with this one. Their interference is unctuous and most Americans can see that. They miscalculated about the selfishness level regarding social security and I believe they're miscalculating with this one.

What we really have to hammer on is the economics of stuff. War costs, deficit, time spent on this at a cost of Congress pay, WH pay, congressmen's staffs pay, WH staff pay and Capitol Hill staff pay, lives saved, lives taken in the war, injuries that could've been prevented if the money spent here was spent instead on armoring the transportation.... Perspective, people. KR and his people are counting on the fact that we'll be so outraged by this singular travesty that we'd blow it out of porportion.

In the meantime, good work on the assessment of the MSM. They've been patsies too long. Let's not fall into the same trap as them, okay?

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