Friday, March 11, 2005

Acquisition of Moss

I wear a lot of Raiders hats, as do most Oaklanders and East Bay residents. It kind of amuses me to see the lack of 49'ers caps and gear in their losing seasons as opposed to the Raider Nation. We seem to take it upon ourselves that in losing seasons, we die-hards support them despite the inanities and shenanigans, self-heaped or not.

So, because I'm a pretty die-hard Raider fan, I wore baseball caps, knit caps, and all sorts of gear all year round and I'm not alone.

People making deliveries to my work almost always stop and chat some football with me, cause they know I'm a die-hard. And the question that's been popped to me most of all recently, and the same one I'm asking other fans is, What do YOU think of Randy Moss.

So far, the consensus among the fans I've spoken to is that what's the use of getting a WR if there's no QB? Sorry Kerry Collins. I was willing to support you for the first 5 games you played but that was ample time for you to learn not to throw interceptions. Now, I want either Tuiey or someone new. Gannon can backup but Collins has got to go.

We're worried that Moss will be a distraction. We welcomed Sapp just cause he makes us laugh even when we're wincing at his words, but Moss? Most of us are worried he's another Owens/Rice prima donna.

We need a running game, a passing game and defense. About the only thing we've got going for us is our O-Line. But that still needs jelling for this year. Towards the end of the year last year, they were just starting to really jell together.

Time will wait and see but so far, all the fans I've talked to and I agree... Moss will be a decent addition provided he doesn't distract, and we wished Al Davis spent his $ on a QB with potential.

Give Tuiey a chance, Al. He's been so patient and yeah, I know he gets banged up easily, but damnit, give us, the fans, something to root for.

Speaking of which, Timmy Brown? Please know that your fans still love you and wish you and your wife and twins the best. I am so honored that I was there at your 100th career touchdown, even if you were playing for my lovers' fav. team and not mine. :)

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