Thursday, March 17, 2005


So I'm reading The Cunning Realist's latest post which is about obesity, believe it or not, or rather our impressions to our creditors and whether obesity/sloth is something we want to our creditors to see. Anyway, I just busted out laughing when I read that China, who holds most of the U.S., being depicted as kind.

Let me just reiterate: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Does the Cunning Realist truly believe that China holds our debts because they want to help their neighbor? Yes, Cunning Realist, there IS a Santa Claus and his name is China. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Every time China sabre-rattled in the Straits of China, and the U.S. forced China to back down, China ran out and bought more of America's debt. Remember that embassy bombing? I bet they rushed right out afterwards and bought half the debt then. China remembers the opium wars, remembers Taiwan, remembers all of it. They also remember that compared to China's history, all the Western culture is a mere blip.

Remember folks, only in America does a Umpteen Billion dollar deficit not raise any alarms. The rest of the world is looking on wondering not IF America is going to crash, but When and the Chinese? Well, they're counting on it. Too bad I won't be around 150 years from now to say I told you so.

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