Thursday, March 10, 2005

I Love it #3

Irony at its best. Get the fundies to vote for you, then realize the fundies don't give a damn about your social security plan cause they believe they'll be taken up by Rapture and therefore, why do anything about social security?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So 59% of the population believes Rapture will happen in their lifetimes; over 50% don't believe there's a crisis with Social Security and the young, they don't care! Who's left? OH YES! All the higher ups in financial institutions, and people who want to drive the stock in their companies higher cause oooh here's another stream of income.

Well, they paid for you to be in the White House. Don't screw them over too. Oh, forgot. You only screw over the poor and the middle class. Those that contributed over 50,000 to your campaign don't belong there. Don't worry White House. As soon as they realize you can't secure this income flow, they'll be working with you to figure out how to gouge us more.

Speaking of which, how's the gas prices in YOUR neighborhood?

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