Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Private Accounts in Easy Words

I'm no dummy (tho some - okay, all - of my friends would disagree). I take pride in that I am a fairly well-read person and that given some concentration, I can comprehend almost anything.

However, when it comes to Social Security and Private Accounts, my eyes cross, my mouth opens in a yawn, and I will read the same word 20 times before I realize that I can move on. However, TPM provided this link today.

My eyes didn't glaze, I actually read the entire thing and understood it. Basically, the writer knows two people who favor private accounts. Let's just say, they're favoring it because it puts in their pocket YOUR money.

Put another way, do you want to see your future in the hands of people who will make money off you no matter how the market swings? That's our prez... shilling for those who want to enslave the world.

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