Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Meetings with Secret Service

I find it odd that the Secret Service would agree to meet with the three people who'd been kicked out of Bush's "conversation about social security."

The question that ran through my head was "why?" Why surface above water now? I mean, even beyond the CIA, this agency is secretive. All we know about them is they're supposed to take a bullet for whoever they're guarding.

Then it hits me: They no longer want to be the fall guy. Article after article since Bush started campaigning, it's been reported that the Secret Service removed this person or that person from his town hall meetings.

Read this article. The Secret Service agreed to explanations because they wanted to make sure the blame no longer rested on them.

Ummm Bushies? I just have one question for you. If you guys piss off the people who protect you by saying it's them that sees the security risk, who do you think will take the bullet? Just be careful who you use as pawns (secret service, the religious right); it may not work out as you envisioned.

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