Friday, August 13, 2004

Random Brain Rustlings

Something I read on the web: (This was on a transcript of a live discussion on

I'll have to edit the exact wording later... my internet is acting funky and I can't bring up the Washington Post to quote verbatem.

Q. Can you explain why the media pundits all claim that Kerry is the most consistent liberal Senator and yet claim he flip-flops?

A. Hmm... That's actually quite amusing.

Something I heard on the radio today:

John Madden queried, "How is it you're cold when you go into a swimming pool, and you're cold when you get out?"

I love Madden for this type of random brain rustlings!

PTE report: Had to look up several information I keep on the palm. Oh! and forgot I played games on my partner's the other day while I waited for her to get a psychic reading in which the psychic told her *not* to tell me about the $500 cure-all that will presumably solve the problems between us.

Hmm if this psychic was *that* good, wouldn't she have been able to "read" that my lover and I keep no secrets? What was funny about this little episode was, prior to getting the reading, my lover looked at me and asked, "can I use $ for this?" and I said, sure, but then decided not to take the offer for two readings at a discount. Therefore, the psychic thought I held the pursestrings in my household. *HAH!!!!!*

So advice to all you psychic seekers out there. Have a little tussle over $ in front of the psychic but reverse your roles. If the psychic gets it right, then s/he is worth the $. Otherwise, treat yourself to a nice book.

* * * * *
I wonder if there's been any research done as to how much the cost of going out has inflated. I'm realizing I have a very hard time paying for a movie that's *NOT* matinees... and as I'm passing the bills to the attendant, I'm wincing. I know Chinese food prices haven't gone up much (it's still possible to get a HUGE heaping of food for $5-6) but what about nicer restaurants? When they say Inflation hasn't hit hard, *WHAT* are the economists looking at? I look at comic books, a 300% increase (at least!) from the mid 1970's. Movie tickets? I remember Dollar Tuesdays! Okay, that's more like a 125%-200% increase for those. However, I will say that VHS/DVD players and cassettes/discs have stayed about even, or even gone down.

Okay, from these statements, it's pretty obvious I'm a cheap bastich, eh? Heh.

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