Friday, September 10, 2004

Amazing Face

Days like yesterday, I wonder what it's all for.

Days like today, I don't wonder. I gasp in amazement.

Here's the setup: I had developed a habit of rubbing a weird thing in the mornings. This morning, my wonderful, amazing lover said something about it. So, being who she was, she had to bring it up again when we were IM'ing each other. And being who I am, responded.

Me: i'm smiling a tad... mostly cause of you
Lover: :P
Lover: nah it was the good luck rubbin'
Me: lol
Me: y'know, i managed to keep that hidden from *EVERYONE*
Me: or hmm... maybe they just never asked about it
Lover: maybe they weren't as attentive aas I am rofl*wink* *wink
Me: lol
Lover: no? :'(
Me: i think i hid it better and you just got me when my mind is inside my mouth
Lover: no no no I've been noticing you do that a lot
Lover: i just never said anything until the oppurtume time of this morning
Lover: no non o you are NOT taking my credit from me! :P
Me: sure sure
Me: then why did you say something today?
Lover: <-pleads the fifth Me: why?

Me: <----- nudges you
Lover: isn't that the point of pleading the fifth, so you don't have to say anything at all... Hey, did you hear the birds this morning? I did. They were rediculously loud and obnoxious, singing that same damn song! Maybe I should put a bucket over my head and a marshmellow in each ear.
Me: <----- trips your distraction up and nudges you back on the right path
Lover: <-sticks her tongue out at you.

This is followed by numerous cries of "Why?" from me
Lover: omg
Me: why????????????????????????????
Me: why did you notice TODAY????
Me: why did you speak up today?
Again, numerous "Why?????"s follow
Lover: you're just tormenting yourself
Me: why?

Lover: that's what people who constantly ask why do, they torment themselves... and you'd have to ask them why to find out why, because they're the only people that'd be able to answer, so you should just ask yourself, because you're doing it... I'm going to assume that why was directed at yourself.
Okay, this is the amazing part. We've been together for two years now and she will STILL answer my questions of "Why?" even when I'm just doing it to bug her.

Me: so hey honey?
Lover: errr
Me: honey?
Lover: yes?

Me: why did you bring it up today?
Lover: excuse me?
Me: why did you do it?
Lover: cause you usually don't look that cute, and you looked cute this time and i was in a good mood
Me: I looked cute?
Me: and I usually don't?
Me: not sure which sentence bothers me more
Me: hmm
Me: (that was a hint to say "honey you look cute every day.. it's just today you looked ESPECIALLY cute")

Lover: OMG!!! you're driving me NUTZZZZ
Lover: you know it all was because I.. ME... [TYPES OUT FULL NAME HERE]... ME yes I was in a good mood this morning...

Me: what? it had nothing to do with me???? OMG!
Lover: leave me alone

Now you all see why I think she's amazing?

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