Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Flip Flopping Away

From today's
Twelve years after giving a Democratic convention keynote address as the governor of Georgia, [Zell] Miller returns to Madison Square Garden to deliver another prime-time speech at the Republican convention -- this time as a Democratic senator who has turned away from his party and in full support of the president.
I dunno, but if I were the other guys, I'd be pointing out that the RNC was embracing a flip-flopper.

OH! And I wanted to point out something else. Alan Keyes apparently thinks all gays and lesbians are "Selfish Hedonists." Mr. Keyes, I suspect, are thinking of those fake lesbians that most straight men fantasize about. He really needs to google "Lesbian Bed Death" and find out exactly how hedonistic we get. (Folks, it's a true phenom. This is the reason we lesbos snicker whenever you straight men start to get dreamy-eyed and drooly over lesbian sex. Well, aside from the fact that we're snickering over your delusion that somehow you'll get invited in on the action)

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