Tuesday, September 07, 2004

As the Pols Spin

Remember Luke and Laura? Yeah, I got caught up in that phenom too... and you wanna know what the fascinating thing about it was, at least to me? That I could stop watching for a month or two, come back to General Hospital and very little will have changed.

Reading pundits, opinions, editorials, and endless reporting about this campaign is very much the same. On Friday, I said, "Goodbye world, hello microcosm!" as I settled in to embrace my new reality of numbed consciousness and concentrated pain (I had a root canal). There was no way I was going to let myself get upset by the world around. Instead, I settled into a world of Monk, fishing, Wars of the Roses, and my new reality, Suidoken.

Four stuporous days later, I stupidly expected something. I bring up window after window of Washington Post pages, CNN pages, Los Angeles Times pages, and what do I espy? Oooo look, Bush edged up 2 points. Oooo look, more editorials about Swift Boat.... Ooooo look, a new group to rehash old news.

Welcome to the world of American Politics, where soap operas actually have more action, more plot. We are mired in a fingerpointing, blame you blame them game that serves no one except to numb the voting public into apathy. Meanwhile, the voters get caught up in the assininity (I know, not a word, but damnit, it should be!) of it all and we root for our guy just like it was a football game.

Me, I'm starting to lean towards letting the guys who are getting fired upon, as well as people like firefighters (who are the ones who'll go inside bombed out buildings) to decide. After all, I'm not sticking my neck out for someone else, why should I get a say in who's in charge that WILL put these guys' lives on the line.

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