Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Slower traffic use right lane

Now, how hard is that to understand?

Apparently, tremendously hard. I drove from L.A. to S.F. this past weekend, and being a fast driver, I'm very conscious of positioning, especially on a two-lane highway. I am a strict believer in using the left lane to pass when it's a two-lane. I passed all the trucks using the left lane; however, I passed 95% of cars on the right.

What this does is create jams, folks. It creates accidents. It's that simple. Using the left lane to pass creates order... staying in the left lane cause you're too damn lazy to change lanes creates chaos.

This leads me to another subject... cruise control. I HATE CRUISE CONTROL. Why? Cause the whole idea of passing another vehicle... IS TO PASS THEM!!!! Ever get stuck behind a truck trying to pass another? Cruise control users illicit the same frustrations EXCEPT they have no reason!!! For some insane inane reason, they cannot shift their right foot onto the accelerator and press down ever so slightly to increase the speed. No, they have to inch past the other vehicle... leaving behind them a train of vehicles.

Okay, end of diatribe. Have a great day!

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