Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Cheap and Tawdry Trick

According to our VP's wife, the kind and loving Lynne Cheney, it was a cheap and tawdry political trick that John Kerry pulled, to mention their daughter Mary Cheney as a lesbian.

Okay. I just want to point out two things here. First off, Mary Cheney is an OUT lesbo. ANYONE who wants to, can find out that Mary Cheney is gay.

Secondly, let's play a substitution game. Let's just say that Mary Cheney is married to a rich white man instead of being queer. Hmm, if John Kerry were to point out Mary Cheney is married to a rich white man, would it be a cheap and tawdry political trick then?

Mary Cheney, listen to your mother's words carefully. What she is declaring here, is that while it's okay for you to be QUIETLY gay, it's not okay that OTHERS know you're gay.

Oh and Mary? Don't let your mother know that the novel she wrote in the 50's about the wild west, y'know the one, the one with the strong women and the lesbo aunt helped you figure out you're gay.

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