Wednesday, September 29, 2004


  • Raiders are going to get into the playoffs by wild-card and lose in the 2nd week.
  • Bush and Kerry are going to be in such close races, that the courts will figure out which one took Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and a couple of other states. During this time, Kerry will play the gentleman and let Bush stay in the White House until the courts decide. Another year passes, during which Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and other nations seeing the U.S. taxed to its limits by wars on two fronts (Afghanistan and Iraq) will spur their nuclear programs. Korea will be first, with a missile that will reach Hawaii. Launching one, America retaliates. The trade winds blow the nuclear cloud over China. China will then go to war with America and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao will be laid to waste. And Bush will still be in the White House cause the courts finally decided, ceding Florida and Ohio to Bush and Pennsylvania to Kerry. And Bush will still be saying that he's winning the war on Terrorism.
  • In the next 50 years, it will be China/India that will be the superpowers. America will still be the trend-setter but only that.
  • Writerboy will do an "I told you so" at least 5 times to me in the next year.
  • The erosion of ethics will continue at a breakneck speed, due to shenanigans in politics, reality shows that swap spouses, houses and louses (It's lice, i know, but for the sheer poeticness of the sentence, allow me okay?), ad campaigns and various forms of entertainment.
  • Gay people will buy one of the islands off Hawaii and turn the entire place into Gayland, of course, with 80% of the bars and housing and entertainment geared towards the boys.
  • And Nobody will get optioned a third time, finally making it onto the small screen.

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