Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rewarding Inconsideration

I have been waging a war. No, not against terrorism or terrorists. I have been waging a war against Inconsideration and Inconsiderates.

In my neighborhood, there is limited parking due to a combination of apartment buildings and houses, Bay Area guilt (well, if we don't provide enough parking spaces within the building, then maybe they won't get a car or two), and the pure fact that there are more vehicles in California than there are people.

Thus, street parking has the value of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (and often times just as elusive.)

In front of my building, there is enough space for four economy-sized cars, OR three cars of any combination size. Therefore, if only two vehicles can park there, one or both vehicles are guilty of inconsideration.

My weapons of choice are: Old pepsi or lipstick. I'm now seriously considering liquid paper pens.

If I see a car or truck leaving more than 12 inches from the red curb parked there, I dash upstairs to find an old stick of lipstick. (Having NOT worn lipstick in over 10 years, all my lipsticks are old. I've demolished all of them with this war I'm waging so I'm having to buy my first lipstick in a decade.) I then scrawl all over the DRIVER'S side window, "Please leave more room next time" or something similar. Why the nice language? Cause if I call him/her a name, that'll be all that person will focus on, not the message itself.

The old pepsi is used by splashing the driver's door handle as well as the entire length of the driver side. However, this method doesn't teach as effectively as the other.

As for the liquid paper pen, I'm thinking that should be reserved for repeat offenders, what do you think?

My lover asked why I was waging this war. I said I believe in the "broken windows" theory. (I'm assuming most of you know what I'm talking about.) Thus, if people are bullies in ordinary ways (and SERIOUSLY FOLKS, THAT'S WHAT INCONSIDERATION REALLY IS, BULLYING!) and we LET them continue in their bullying way, then everyone around (including our government) will just continue to bully us and take advantage.

So just call me Parking Space Gal!

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