Thursday, September 30, 2004

First Impressions of the Presidential Debate

I just wanted to talk about the pacing of the debate between Bush and Kerry.

There was something very interesting about the timing. Bush would stumble, stammer a tad, slow down his words until the light turned green. Then he drove his message home, repeatedly, forcefully. Kerry, on the other hand, (I had expected him to be rambling and talking rapidly) made several points deliberately, occasionally stumbling, but hit several points during his two minutes.

Result? Kerry managed to seem intelligent, able to see various points albeit a bit too global conscious and not national conscious. Bush kept on message, making sure that the last 30 seconds were driven home forcefully and with repetition. Different marketing styles. It's going to be curious to see which one will entice the swing voters.

What made me laugh out loud: The first analyst on CNN was so scared to make a commitment as to what his opinion.

What impressed me: The second analyst on CNN made what I thought was an accurate prediction. John Kerry piqued interest enough that viewership will go up for 2nd debate.

That's it for now. I'm going back to enjoying this side show.

OH! Before I forget, John Kerry could've done one thing better. When Bush said that Kerry *said* Saddam Hussein was a great threat, Kerry should've countered with "Yes, a great threat, but NOT an immediate threat." THAT could've been a sound bite.

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