Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Links and such

I've been meaning to put up links to other blogs that I read. For some reason, I don't mind posting, but I'm so rusty on my html, that I need to spend time over a weekend to add those links. (I post from work).

So, here are some links just to tide people over until I get off my ass on weekends.

  • Fafblog: See below for why this is my favorite.
  • Washington Monthly: Writing is crisp and posts are often. I'm checking this one several times a day and I TOTALLY enjoyed refreshing the pages during the VP debate live-blogging.
  • Hullabaloo: It took me a few days to get used to his site (I think it's the way he indents his quotes or how his posts mostly consists of quotes). But I find that Hullabaloo is a great source of references.
  • Alas, a Blog: This is the only site that I've actually posted comments on. Perhaps it's cause this site is one quarter about politics, one quarter about gay rights, one quarter about feminism, and one quarter about artists and rights.
  • Hugoboy: A male feminist if I ever saw one. His insights are fairly original and he loves to have ongoing discussions on his site. In fact, one of his posts got me and my lover talking about returning men's smiles and the dangers thereof.
  • Yglesias: I just started reading this blog. So far, pretty impressive.

Well, that's it for now. Most of these are political links. I'll post some other links another day.

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