Thursday, September 23, 2004

Answers? Please?

An article in the Washington Post called "Matching Iraq Policy to Reality" has some questions the Iraqi people would like answered.

If controlling Iraq's oil was not our purpose, they ask, why was the oil
ministry the only building (not excluding Baghdad's nuclear complex) that U.S.
soldiers had orders to guard against looting? If the United States did not
intend to dismember the Iraqi state, why did it dissolve the Iraqi army? If the
United States does not mean to stay, why is it building 14 "enduring" military
bases? If it did not mean to control Iraq's politics, why would it appoint a
prime minister who spent two decades on the CIA payroll? If it is not pursuing a
classic policy of imperial divide-and-rule by exacerbating sectarian
differences, why does it continue to insist on minutely balancing Shiites,
Sunnis, Kurds, Turkmen, Christians and others on every appointed council?

Reading over these questions, I'm thinking hmm, y'know, I'd like answers to these questions as well. All these basically (circumstancially speaking of course) point to a policy of invasion, self-interest, and the setting up of a dummy-government.

However, I must say that there's a part of me that doesn't want plausible answers. Why? Cause I'm an active part of a denial game with my mother, and this is what I fear it would turn out to be with these answers.

Okay, I can see some of you scratching your heads right now. Bear with me. I'm gay. My mother knows. My mother doesn't want to acknowledge it. So she asks. And so I lie. All to keep up this illusion for her that she knows isn't true. Trust me, she's the one who wants this and I went to 10 years of therapy to be okay with being an active participant in this whole farce.

Let's just say the invasion of Iraq (let's just call an ass an ass, okay? It's not the non-breedable cross participants of the equine family)... is me. And the people wanting answers... is my mother. Right now, it's pretty obvious Bush and his handlers are reacting to what the climate is, with their responses. ("Why are we invading?" "WMDs, oh none found anywhere? Oh, then it's cause there's terrorists there. What? The terrorists came to Iraq AFTER our mission was accomplished? Oh... it's to promote democracy there. Oil? We don't see any oil there.)

Basically, implausible answers. I guess what it boils down to is, any answers The Bush administration can give cannot be plausible anymore, and therefore, if it's believable that is, if WE believe it, it's cause we're swallowing a fantasy, with eyes wide shut like my mother. And I'd rather be swallowing jhism..... NOT!

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