Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I used to work in the copyright industry. To me, copyrights are a valuable thing because it means that whatever you created has value. If a person chooses to sell their rights to something, well, it's up to them.

I'm such a stickler that I pretty much don't pirate anything. If my girl does it, she knows how I feel and well, she doesn't tell me.

Recently, the Hate-Mongerers... I won't call them Republicans cause all the Republicans I know are good decent people. They sometimes say hateful things, but they're not mongering hate.

Anyway, recently, the hate-mongerers have come up with a way to be doubly insulting. They take an image without permission, to use as an example of why Hate should exist. The most famous example of this is the Gay Wedding Photo which was appropriated to infer that the AARP supports Gay Marriage but opposes Support for the Troops.

Well, Eschaton recently reported that the Hate-Mongerers are casting doubts on Captain America!

While I don't care really if Captain America hates America or not (Seriously folks, this totally smacks of can the Hulk beat Superman), I DO care that the artist is not being compensated for his hard work.

When I see that panel, I see a collaboration between editor and writer and penciller and inker and coloring people and letterer. I see artwork being created and loving, lavishly put on a page. I worked with these artists for over 10 years and let me tell you, all of them agonize over each panel, wondering what the best angle to storytell is, or whether a hand should be turned up or turned down and what would make the best sense or have the best visual impact, so you readers won't be robbed when you plunk down your money.

And yet, you have NO compunction about stealing.

This generation of humans disgust me.

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