Monday, March 07, 2005

Going Away for the Weekend

My girl and I went away for the weekend. We explored new lands - one where everything dripped moisture and then after we finished everything we wanted to accomplish there, we hopped on a boat and went across a sea, to find ourselves in a cold forest. Though snow wasn't on the ground, you could tell from the trees they hadn't been greeted by warmth in months. Their trunks were ashen, yet their leaves reflected a deep somber green.

Where did we go? We went exploring on World of Warcraft.

I turned to her in surprise this morning and asked, "Does it feel like we went away this weekend?" and she nodded.

THIS is the reason I play computer games.

What I'm loving about this particular game is, you can be one of 8 races, so you will start off in 6 different realms. (Two sets of two share the same homeland). Each profession you choose will set you off on a slightly different path, and same goes with class.

Anyway, the exploration and discovery of new things are the appealing things about computer games. Plus, they add content ever so often so there's usually something new to explore.

So, if you ever want a cheap vacation, get two copies of WoW and go exploring in their worlds there with your lover. Oh, and get two laptops. That helps a lot.

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