Friday, February 25, 2005


I'm working on my ibook right now. This is way too cool. However, cheap lil me bought the previous generation ibook, so it's not loaded with the most recent OS, so I'm downloading it right now.

Couple of corrections: my lover read about the happiest day of my life being my new ibook, and fight night round 2 and laughed out loud. She said, "Shouldn't it be the new ibook, that you have a gf who buys all this stuff for you, and THEN fight night?" She was willing to place herself behind the ibook!!!!! I tell you, she's one in a million.

2nd correction is: There are two copies of WoW available at the bigger Target in San Lorenzo. Go now! Hurry, before the crowds come tomorrow.

Okay, it's almost done updating now. I should go restart the new ibook and load the game. Don't expect to hear from me for a couple of days, unless I can't help myself.

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