Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why Christians fear Gay Marriage

A little background here: I took Jesus Christ to be my Savior in 1976. I then took Him to be Lord of my life in 1980. In 1982, I turned my back on the church, tho I never let go of Christ's teachings.

Most Christians I knew were good-hearted, giving people, who thought fairly well of themselves. I mean, they will immediately identify themselves as the good guys. Mind you, my whole family is pretty much Christian. Our family was converted by the missionaries in Shanghai about 100, 125 years ago, maybe longer.

My grandmother played the piano for the church as well as led the junior choir for umpteen years. My cousin is youth director of his church. My other cousin works with the youth choir. My mother donates thousands of dollars to her church every years, presumably to offset my cheating father.

While it's easy for me to group all the Christians into one tub and hate what they're doing to our country, I sometimes need to remember that this is my family I'm talking about... these are friends from years gone by I no longer keep in touch with but have fond memories of them.

I keep reading the following: that Christians oppose gay marriage because they're afraid that straight marriage will disintegrate. I beg to differ.

I believe Christians oppose gay marriage because they are afraid of what it tells God about them. Let's say you're failing all your classes except one. If you can ace this one test, you can at least then say, well, I aced this class. I think the vehemence behind the opposition is because most Christians are failing their classes and they're hoping passing this one class will allow them entry through the pearly gates.

"Of course not, God. No, I don't support the gay life... Wha? No, sir, those lesbian porno flicks doesn't mean I'm supporting the gay lifestyle. How much wouldn't I support it? Well, I voted against gay marriage sir! That's how much!"

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