Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Suggestion for Garrett

I love this guy. He's trying to get into the White House Briefing since he's got nearly the same credentials (if not more in the journalist side) as Gannon/Guckert. But it's been Day 2 and he's struck out. Wonder what he's doing wrong?

Could it be:
  • He has no tricks up his pants?
  • There aren't any favorable reviews of his inches to be found?
  • He's never appeared spread eagle with only his whanger standing up?
  • He's never thanked Karl Rove on any articles he's written?
  • He's undisclosed as a top or bottom?
  • There's hair on his head?
  • He spits and doesn't swallow?
  • He's never paid$50 for a 2-day seminar that "certifies" him to be a journalist?
The other thing I wonder is... how many people, like Garrett has decided to follow in Gannon/Guckert's footsteps. And following that answer, I wonder how many interns and employees is cussing the name of the person who let in Mr. Jeff Gannon, the poor victimized call-boy journalist of the much vaunted Right.

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