Monday, February 28, 2005

Evolving with the Mac

Okay, so I'm writing in green as a sort of good bye to my faithful green iMac, who have served me faithfully all these years. I bought it waaaaaaay back in 1996, right when I started my own business and honestly, I think I've shut it off maybe 20 times since then.

I bought my lil 333 mhz iMac about 6 months before the release of OS X, at least that's what I remember. I remember it was only loaded with OS 9.0 and it was months before I got system 9.1. I've always been a tad afraid of OS X, what with it's metallic look, it's trasition from a number to a roman numeral, with its ferocious names like Panther, Tiger, or whatnot.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't quite expecting what I found.

First off, with OS X, the Mac reminds the user with almost every click of the mouse, that it is first and foremost, a graphics machine. When I minimized a window, I almost gasped out loud as my pretty lil iBook melted the window into the task bar below. Shades of Dali!

Then I looked around for the screen saver. As any good stoner will tell you, the screen saver is one of the best bits about the computer. There's been times where just to stop my brain from talking to me, I will turn on a screen saver and totally zone out. It's a much needed exercise for those of you (like me) doesn't have an off switch to internal voices.

The screen saver in itself is a thing to behold. You can load it up with pictures, and the internal camera will zoom in and out, making it into a little movie. The random stuff that appears and moves around... well, all of them have this neat look to them that just doesn't scream computer.

I'm not sure what I feel about the commands to the system being under the Apple menu but I think it's just habit that's making me unsure. I remember thinking when I first got a computer, why is the damn shut down in the middle of the screen? Shouldn't it be out of the way a bit? And now that it is, habit makes me unsure whether I like it. *rolls eyes at herself*

More later when I can wean myself away from WoW. OH!!! The start up and shut down time of the iBook is HALF that of the Gateway using XP. Half! Oh, and the WoW version loads much faster than the pc version. (like half the time).

Another plus for my iBook? It's half the weight of the Gateway with just as much power.

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