Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hmmm... could it be?

Why, why in the world would the National Press Club limit the people who attend the Gannon/Guckert conference to only their members or credentialed media?

Select one or more choices:
  • Gannon/Guckert is giving a private seminar on what it really means to be a media whore;
  • Only credentialed media can truly disseminate an 8" cut;
  • Since Terri died, many credentialed media don't have anything to write about;
  • They want to compare credentials with Gannon/Guckert in private, fearing that theirs don't match up to the prowess Gannon/Guckert exhibits in his mouse-clicking expertise;
  • They need lessons in plaigiarizing and don't want the public to know;
  • They need lessons on how to suck dick so they too can grace the halls of the White House;
  • They want to gaze upon Gannon/Guckert's many medals from the military;
  • They're getting together to laugh at the public for there is no such thing as credentialed media for if there was, why is Gannon/Guckert there.
Bend over National Press Club. For your information, this isn't considered a rape of you by the WH. It was a consensual ass-fucking, only you got to be the bottom.

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