Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mind Tricks of the Familial Kind

If you have a son hell-bent on proving he's better than you, so much so that he'd bring a country to war just to show that he can do it better than you, and you cannot publically show disapproval or it means repercussions for your other son, for your family, for your political cache, what do you do?

Why, you adopt someone who is more popular and more successful than either of you were, of course.

Does anyone else read anything else into Bill Clinton spending a weekend with Bush Sr. at Bush Sr's home? God, this must gall Jr. to no end. Bravo, H.W. Nicely played.

As a child of familial mind-fucks, this one was up in J.R. Ewing territory. I'm impressed. But seriously, a tad afraid of what Jr's fucked up psyche will do to us, the ordinary people. After all, over 1,000 of us died already to soothe his ego at being inferior to his father.

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