Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It's a Mystery Why I Don't Get Shot

Following is an exchange that just happened between my girl and I:

PatientGF: is it fire fighers or Fire Fighters? [She's asking for clarification in capitalization]

Smartassme: well, it's actually fire fighters [Me being the anal speller]

PatientGF: We held a similar event last September and the presence of 4 of your fire fighters and a fire engine were a big hit among our attendees. I believe the four Fire Fighters also enjoyed the event and the interest of our BERT members. [This is the part she wants clarified for something she's putting out at work]

Smartassme: the four fire fighters

PatientGF: but it's a noun [Ah, U.S. English standards... a wonder to behold]

Smartassme: so is event. So is attendees [very surprised at myself here... that I stopped at two examples]

Smartassme: a noun is just a word that describes a thing

Smartassme: are you saying it's a proper noun? [So of course, I had to look up proper noun on cause I don't trust that I can define it properly ... ugh i guess pun semi-intended]

Smartassme: proper noun

A noun belonging to the class of words used as names for unique individuals, events, or places. Also called proper name.

Smartassme: fire fighter is not a "unique" thing in that sense

Smartassme: God is. Jesus is.

Smartassme: The Messengers of Kudos would be considered a proper noun. but not the fire fighters. Firehouse 586A would be a proper noun [Just to clarify what a smartass I truly am... messengers of Kudos is a reference to another discussion we had earlier today, in which I used accolades to define kudos and then found out that she knew what kudos meant but not accolades]

PatientGF: OMG

Now you see why it's a mystery why I haven't been shot yet?

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