Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'm really getting too much joy from being this snarky but I can't help myself.

I have ICQ on all the time at work for ONE person and one person only. That's my friend in Greece who refuses to use any other IM program. So for this one person in my life, I keep ICQ on. And we IM each other, oh about once a month if that.

But everyday, I get demands to be added onto contact lists.

Usually the messages are "Add me to your contact list" to which I deny and write back "Without a please? No way!" Sometimes, it's "Authorize my reguest" to which I reply "What's a reguest?" BTW, I usually have to type reguest like 5 times before I can get the misspelling right. Sometimes, sometimes, I have time for a long-winded response. "Why in the world would I bother to authorize such rudeness? Didn't your mother teach you anything? And why would I bother to respond to someone who can't even spell request?"

Yes, I'm a snob and I know it. But damn it, who the hell are these people who want to talk to me? I have NOTHING in my profile.

The ones who say please, and don't misspell words? They just get a nice decline without a reason. No lectures back. Now, THAT'S positive reinforcement.

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