Thursday, June 23, 2005

Weird Night

It was a very weird night last night.

When I arrived home, I had gotten into a strange-ass mood... I was alternately sad and scared. Poor lover had no idea how to console me, she just held me. The slightest sad thought made me break into sobs. All I had to think of was my cat dying... or my girl going away for a few days and I'd be wracked with sobs.

So smart me, thought hey, since I'm in this mood anyway, why don't we watch Torch Song Trilogy? Wrong! Just the opening made me sob - "That's Anne Bancroft! I forgot she was in this! *sniff* She died 2 Mondays ago... *sniff* waaaaaaaaaaaah"

Well, needless to say, this short movie got dragged out to 3 hours cause of the constant stoppage to hold me and dry my tears and wait for the sobs to subside.

She thinks I'm menopausing. That's how she's dealing with this weirdness. Me? I think I'm psychically receiving some sad news from someone... and channelling it.

This morning I woke and the world has a happier lilt to it. My mind can touch on sad subjects without my eyes tearing immediately. Drastic and wonderful improvement. I wonder if she's right or I am. I don't want to be going through the change yet. I'm too young!

BTW, as I'm screaming that I'm too young, I'm off to go get bifocals today... Ahhh the cruel ironies of life.

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