Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Govenator or Governator?

In a large window display at the Oakland airport, one is treated to scores of mannekins all dressed in black, displaying our fair governor's visage as well as featuring in large font 'The Govenator'.

In a recent editorial in the Los Angeles times, hizzoner is termed 'The Governator'.

So, which is it folks? With or without the "R"? One can argue that Govenator isn't a word, but then, neither is Governator. Govenator is what Ah-nold says. Govern-ator is presumably based on proper english, but then we don't speak that here in America, do we?

Anyway, confusion abounds here in California. Can someone clear it up please?

(As an aside, the only reason why I noticed the t-shirt, was cause I was curious whether the Oakland Airport was carrying true licensed goods, and to see if there was a Carolco trademark on there. Another digression here: So, if the Govenator IS licensed from Carolco, who licensed it? Who are getting the proceeds from the t-shirts, mugs, bumper sticker sales? Did Ah-nold license it? And if he did, did he set up a trust fund for the proceeds so that it'll go to charity?) Oh, and all the t-shirts were folded in a way that I couldn't see the credits, and the store was closed at the time. I'll have to satisfy my curiousity another way.

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At 2:54 PM, Blogger Richard said...

Personally I prefer "The Gubanator" (emphsis on 'Gube'), as in 'Gubernatorial'.


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