Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Football Metaphor

Let's say you're a coach. And let's just say you can only listen to the game on the radio.

You have the star quarterback, who's good in pregame shows, who can pump up the fans. He's got a few tricks up his sleeve, like throwing a long bomb down the line. But he's good when the defense and the offensive line is good. When the O-line breaks down, he gets sacked, he gets mud in his face, he throws interceptions. But this is pretty much all he knows. He can't seem to read blitzes. He can't seem to give the ball to a running back.

In the background, you have a journeyman quarterback. One who can change plays at the line, one who isn't very consistent, but he reacts to the defense. He can pass, he can give the ball away. He can even scramble at times. Most importantly, he can look to the side.

The game was going great at the beginning. The star quarterback was throwing long bombs, decimating the defense. The other team was rocked. But they regrouped, brought in players from other teams and started all types on innovative plays. Slowly, injuries mounted for the team. Undaunted, the star quarterback kept throwing long bombs... to interceptions. However, the broadcast to you downplayed the interception. But you could see the injury list getting longer... and the score is now mumbled instead of shouted out.

Question is, do you keep the star? or use the backup quarterback?

This metaphor doesn't quite work, but it's there. For those who complain about Kerry's flip-flopping, why aren't we using a football analogy? A quarterback who CANNOT change plays at the line of scrimmage will not last in the major leagues. One has to be responsive though not reactive. Kerry is being seen as reactive. His handlers need to spin that perception around to "responsive" instead.

By the way, we all are the coaches. We're the ones who get to decide who will be our quarterback. Me, I'd rather have a responsive president who's on his toes, then one who refuses to acknowledge the game shifts and sticks to his game plan no matter the opposition.

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