Tuesday, September 21, 2004

What? No Royal We?

Made the mistake of listening to Bush's speech to the U.N. on the way to work.

Well, one thing's for sure, my adrenaline was sure going by the time I opened the office doors. First off, Bush kept referring to the United States as "My nation...." When I complained to Writerboy, he threw back the comment "This land is YOUR land, this land is MY land...." All nice and true, but still, when the leader of the country IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY refers to the country as HIS nation, umm, doesn't that smack of dictatorship, or sovereignty? Oh wait, we can't refer to sovereignty... George Bush has no idea what that means.

Another thing that got me going was the outright lies he was making to the U.N. The fact that he can say with a straight face that our administration respects human lives, wouldn't torture. Umm, excuse me, Mr. President, but didn't Rummy Dearest write a memo saying that the Geneva Convention rules don't apply to people we're holding in Guantanomo Bay?

Last but not least, [taps George W. Bush on the shoulder] it's time for a geography and civics lesson for you. No, most people OUTSIDE of the United States don't wonder if a democracy can exist in a muslim society. That is because there are a number of examples all over the world. Look at Malaysia... 64% Muslim, Constitutional Monarchy.... oh wait. Georgie? Before you question what's democratic about constitutional monarchies... look over at our staunch allies, Great Britain. They're what is called a constitutional monarchy.

Oh... and that darkness all around you? It just might lift if you cared enough to stick your head out of your arse.

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