Monday, October 25, 2004

Not Hearing is Believing - Lesson #1

Try this: Ask anyone how Coors is shipped when it is shipped by train.

(I know, I gotta stop picking on Coors, but geeze, I wish they'd stop making it so easy!)

My bet is, they're going to say by refrigerated cars. In fact, I'm betting that you either said refridgerated cars or you said who the hell cares.

Well, here's a reason to care - how do you think Karl Rove and those guys sold us on phony reasons to go to war? It's what advertisers do... they get you to think one way while saying something else and projecting something.

This is what I witnessed this past weekend. I saw a commercial for Coors Beer touting how it's brewed cold, and transported similarly. Actually, the term they used was "insulated cars" NOT REFRIDGERATED ONES. However, the imagery they used was, a speeding train, then frost speeding after the train, almost cracking the camera glass. So what does that imagery tell us? Frigid conditions, right?

So, insulation (though used for cold as well as heat) makes people think that if the car was hot to begin with, then the insulation would keep the beer hot, wouldn't it? Not exactly something that'll sell beers. So, they show you images of cold beer, then frost chasing after the train and voila, the american public thinks Coors cares enough about the consumer to purchase refridgerated cars at their own expense and ship them to us, cause, hey, Coors beer just cares that much for us.

All together now - BULLSHIT

Thank you. That's the end of lesson #1.

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