Thursday, October 14, 2004

Under Threat

Thank you Fafblog! Thank you for reminding me about the inanity of this question: "will our children and grandchildren ever live in a world as safe and secure as the world in which we grew up?"

Inanity you say? We didn't have people in airplanes blowing up buildings back then. True, but we did have the threat of nuclear annhilation. Who remembers hearing the siren in school and ducking under desks (as if that would stop a blast or radiation)?

When the moderator posed that question, my thought was, "The world I grew up in was safe?" My family talked about communist China and its imperialistic designs on all of Asia constantly. When I first immigrated here, it was in 1976 and I was living in a boarding school in La Canada/Flintridge, CA. Guess who was lurking around bushes at that time?

Let me refresh your memory. There were a bunch of girls missing from that area. One of them was my friend Sonia Johnson who was in the same class as me. She dropped out of the exclusive school I was in, and the next year, there were "missing" pamphlets of her all over our school. And later that year, her father - indignant over the lack of media coverage - helped ensure the safety of thousands of girls in our area. He made sure Los Angeles knew about the Hillside Strangler.

You know, maybe I'm a freak. But I feared for my life from 1977-1979; however, I don't fear my death by terrorists now. The chances of a terrorist getting me, who works for a small company, who rarely heads into large congregations of people is almost non-existent.

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