Tuesday, November 23, 2004

It's What We're Doing, NOT What We Are!

I'm reading the Live Discussion with Michael Scheurer, former CIA senior analyst and formerly anonymous author of "Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror," and he states something that EVERY American needs to understand about Terrorism.
We are under attack by Islamic militants for what we do in the world -- not for who we are or what we believe in.
This is probably the thing that I'm most pissed about. Politicians won't admit this; hence millions of us believing that the reason why the terrorists are against us, is because we allow our women to wear skimpy clothes, because we listen to rock and roll music, because we are promiscous.

What we do to the middle east is say Here's the game, play by OUR rules or we'll make life difficult for you. Oh, and don't mind us when every time you get good at our game, we change the rules. (By the way, this is what our politicians do to the lower and middle classes too. Only, we get fed entertainment or stupid controversies - as in Janet's nipple, oh the horror - as well as enough difficult diversions that we don't seem to understand we're being plundered). Oh, and the reason they hate us average americans? Cause we're too involved in our senseless shit to stop the politicians. I mean, we friggin' voted back in the asshole who sold us this false image in the first place!

Hmm no wonder we all have a bullseye on us.

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