Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Using logic to sell Christianity

I did this as an exercise on the other day. Someone asked, is there a way to convince me that Christian IS the way to go, using logic? So, just as an exercise, I tried. Strange how no one responds to my posts there. I wonder if I'm just writing the posts badly, or what. The egotistical side of me says it's cause what I'm posting is beyond rebuff and the reality based side of me says 'HAH!'

Anyway, just thought I'd post it here since I spent my writing time creating that rather than work on the novel.

Re: The Morality of Christianity
I just had to jump in here. First off, I want to say that I'm an ultra-liberal asian lesbian. Okay that said, I want to take a stab at convincing Christianity is the way to go using logic. I've a feeling that Christians aren't going to like this version, but this is an exercise in thought that's too challenging for me to resist.

There are astronomical odds to our existence here. (Okay, I believe that there are actually two schools of thoughts on this - that planets with favorable conditions towards germination of life are either fairly common, we just haven't found another one yet; or it's really one in a billion crapshoot). Therefore, in accordance with the theory that the most obvious answer is probably the answer, there must be a reason we're here. Thus, there must be a God or gods.

Based on that theory (Remember, evolution is still a theory despite all evidence) Christianity is the perfect merger of polytheism with monotheism. Its variant forms allow for goddess worship, demon fighting and faith healing, among other things, allowing it the most access to all people.

It's not a great risk. Believe in Jesus and gain eternal life. In terms of investment, it's a small investment yielding great results.

But not only that, for only 10% of your income (approximately but that's the general consensus that I've found) you will get a whole community's worth of support, prayers, gatherings and instant membership.

Depending on which variant you belong to, you can basically do good/harm all you want and either claim it in the name of your religion or ask for forgiveness.

Depending on which variant you belong to, you can decide you have free will or there's original sin.

You can also choose a life without techonology (but if you're a technophobe I doubt you'd be reading this), or a life of abstinence.

Christianity offers something for everyone. With this connection, you have a powerful network depending on which variant you choose. And there's new members every day.

Anyway, I hope people aren't too offended by this post. I just saw this as an exercise in advertising a religion to people who choose to use logic as their deciding factor. Notice I'm talking about the religion as a whole and not any particular church.

Food for thought.

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