Monday, November 08, 2004

War's coming. Get Ready for Gay Bashing

Karl Rove has said to the press that Bush WILL pursue the gay marriage amendment. Muslims of America, no need to fear. We're taking over your place as fall guys. I'm glad we're of some use, at least.... oh wait, I just realized. This makes us scarier than Terrorists. Instead of spending our tax dollars to go after terrorists, instead of using it for afterschool programs, we're going to spend it so this small group of people cannot harm what the sanctity of marriage.

Y'see, family values means making sure gay people can't marry and can't have children. What's making sure your kid has someplace to go have to do with it? What's making sure the economy is better so you're putting food on the table got to do with it? Silly silly people. You think family values is about adding on. It's not. It's about taking away.

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