Monday, November 15, 2004

Urbanite v. Ruralist

A fascinating read, this article saying that "it's the cities, stupid." This says what I've pretty much thought for years. It's the cities that teach tolerance, that teach compassion, that lead the way to fairness. The author argues that we should stop pandering the the ruralists and sub-urbanites. The big cities pay for farm subsidies and stuff like that and they reward us with Bush. So, let's just stop and focus on us.

Writerboy tells me that he's not sure about this, this divisiveness that this article suggests. It's exactly what the Republicans did, and it's not doing the country any good.

However, I say this: If you house a dog, and the dog bites you, do you keep fixing the dog house roof that the dog itself destroys? No, you make sure the dog is either well-trained enough not to bite, or you stop fixing it. Go fix it yourself, you'll say to the dog.

Problem with us is, we ARE too kind-hearted. If we see the damn dog in a hurricane, we WILL help out. Which is why nice guys finish last.

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