Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I woke up many times last night, half the times from nightmares, the other half from hopeful dreams. I remember one vividly. All of the eastern and western United States was a deep blue color, whereas the middle was an angry red. I remember waking to that and thinking "Did that actually happen?"

My other isn't happy with me. She woke up from my kicks of frustration.

Why am I so upset? See, I take the opposite view of Andrew Sullivan here. He says the opponent isn't the enemy, that we're at war and the enemy is the enemy. I DO see the enemy within our shores, and while that enemy ISN'T Bush, he embodies the enemy.

The enemy is the erosion of ethics, civil liberties and just plain honesty. The enemy is the rising of secrecies, accusations, separability. As long as we allow people to point out differences and we say "Yeah! That asshole is different! Kill the fucker!" or for Americans, it's keep the fucker from voting, from marrying, from voicing out dissent. As long as we continue this deteriotion, we will lose, my countrymen and countrywomen.

But you don't see it do you? All you saw was one singular day when our shores were breached and we watched breathless as two towers fell. And for that affront, someone must pay.

You're right. May God have mercy on us for it is our children who are paying.

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