Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened last night.

So far, what people are saying is that the reason why Bush won is cause people hate gays. In which case, I have to say, "Wow. Just wow."

What about me scares you? The fact that I don't look anything like your fantasies (if you're a straight guy) or the fact that I don't wish to hit on you (straight men and women both).

So let me get this right. You wanted to ensure that I could NOT get married in your state, so you voted to make sure your kids would grow up unsupervised (you both will have to work to support the rich people and let's face, the people in charge aren't going to give $ for after school programs), armed, and being shot at in a foreign country.

Yup, the rich got it all figured out. Give 'em something to unite against, something REALLY scary like oooh that gay boy wants a wedding dress. That way, they'll never notice we lied to them, they won't notice the bloodshed, they won't notice people all over the world just getting more and more pissed at the U.S.'s arrogance and games.

I think next year for Halloween, my lover and I will dress up in matching wedding dresses. After all, we're very scary.

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