Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bush's Stinginess

I've been reading about how people are reacting to the Bush Administration's stinginess towards Tsunami relief. I've been reading about people wondering what could possibly motivate our president to NOT address this issue in public for 4 days, offering a PALTRY 30 million, and possibly (probably) insult millions and millions of Muslims SINCE Indonesia is the most populated Muslim country in the world.

Somehow, I envision the living room in Crawford, Texas, where Bush gets the call about the devastation -

Adviser: Mr. President! Tsunamies are hitting South East Asian countries. An earthquake happened not long ago and initial reports are about 20,000 dead. We're expecting the figure to be triple that at least. Probably the worst hit will be Indonesia which was right next to the earthquake. You remember Indonesia, right? The one that has the most muslims in the world?

Bush: Not anymore they don't.

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