Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Who Benefits?

In some countries, I would be shot for what I'm about to write. But I was reading this editorial
in the WaPo and read
New polling shows that half the public rejects privatizing the most successful anti-poverty program in human history, which over the past 70 years has transformed retirees from the group with the nation's highest poverty rate to the group with the lowest.

The most successful anti-poverty program.... hmm who would want to destroy it and why? Who would benefit from old people being poor?

Just think about it. Old people being poor means old people dying off faster. They won't be able to afford housing, nursing care, medicines, heating bills, food.

Wait you say. If senior citizens died off faster instead of lingering around, then no more money can be made off them. That makes no sense.

Ah, but you see, what do board members look at? They look at profit margins. The margins of making dollars off senior citizens as opposed to the margins off younger people are much less. There is a higher cost in dealing with senior citizens.

The less they have to spend on making money, the more money they'd make. If they take their energy and pour it into more profitable ventures, well, they'd be more wealthy. AND if the senior citizens are poor, they can't afford care or support which means there'd be no one to sue cause they aren't paying for services.

Am I just being too cynical here? But why would they want this? Why destroy the most successful anti-poverty program? Please, I really don't want to think this.... so someone please give me a plausible reason. Answer me in simple terms. Who benefits.

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